Are you looking to invest in land with great value potential in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru?

Land for sale in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley (Cusco, Peru)

1.24 acres (5000 sq. meters)


Total area: 1.24 acres (53,800 sq. ft. / 5000 sq. meters)


Beautiful parcel of land. Excellent location! Just half a mile from downtown Urubamba, the biggest and most important town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Cusco, Peru).


The property has two rural access roads, one of which is the road that connects the town of Urubamba with the village of Chicón.


Electricity posts and below-ground sewerage run alongside the property, making connection to these basic services easy.


A small irrigation channel passes through part of the property, offering the opportunity to construct a private water well.


Price: US$ 475'000 (US$ 95 per sq. meter)

Key benefits of this land for an investor

- One of the few remaining unbuilt plots of land still available so close to the center of Urubamba (15 min. walk).

- Ideal property size for a small and exclusive construction project (condo or bungalows for higher-class tourists).

- Land can be divided into smaller property units, thus selling them individually at a higher price than originally paid.

- Annual local taxes and fees are less than US$ 100 per year, making the property an excellent investment vehicle for an investor with a buy-and-hold strategy.

- The owner and seller of the land is a Swiss citizen, so sincerity, integrity and honesty are guaranteed.

Advantage of Urubamba as the location of the property

- Biggest and most important commercial town in the entire Sacred Valley, which is a rapidly growing tourist region.

- Only a 20-minute car ride to the tourist village of Ollantaytambo, which serves as departure point for tourists travelling to Machu Picchu.

- Just a one-hour drive to Cusco, the most important tourist city in Peru.

- The planned construction of the new international airport in Chinchero (replacing the current airport in Cusco) will only be 30 minutes away from Urubamba, making real estate investments in this region even more attractive.

Benefits of investing in Land in Peru

- Foreigners, even without residency, can buy land in Peru without restrictions, which is not the case in other Latin American countries.

- Overall transaction costs for buying and selling land are low in Peru, making these investments very attractive. See "Total transaction costs are low in Peru" (klick).

- Purchasing land in Peru offers international investors the opportunity to diversify their overall asset risk.


The houses in the back are not in the property.

The houses in the back are not in the property.



The property is duly registered in:

Registros Públicos, Partida Electrónica SIR Nº 11126541, Zona Registral Nº X, Cusco.



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